“Cross Communication - a PR campaign for the Japanese Red Cross Society -”2012 PR Award Grand Prix Winner

“Dancing from Disaster: Road to Recovery from Fukushima”2011 Asia Pacific SABRE Awards CSR Category Winner

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Dentsu Public Relations can help you strategize, customize and deliver your communications message in Japan and around the globe. Our clients include Fortune 500 and Nikkei 225 index companies, start-ups, domestic and foreign government organizations, and academic and industry associations. As one of the very few PR agencies with a branch office in Osaka, Dentsu PR also supports numerous clients in the Kansai area. Through the Dentsu Group and partnership with the Publicis Groupe, our clients have access to not only expert consulting services in Japan, but a worldwide support network.

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Communicating in Japan

Home to the world's third largest economy, Japan is a market that cannot be ignored, but doing business here can be perplexing for many foreign organizations. Language barriers and a lack of understanding about the local culture and media can trip up even seasoned communications veterans. We are here to bridge the gap, and connect you with your target audience.

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